Randall Helmen


Chubby human with a lazy eye. Entranced with gold and material wealth. Wears fine blue clothes and expensive jeweled necklaces and rings. Although greedy he is a man of well intent.


Lord Helmen of Formene answers to King Burshio, the King of all of Gafeld.
It was found out that he was unknowingly allowing slavers to kidnap people in his city.
Theslavers offered to act as protection for the otherwise not very protected city. After the past five years of people going missing in the night due to a “haunted” castle in the forest he agreed hastily. After finding out what happened to the players he apologizes profusely and asks if they can help take care of the abandoned castle problem. After returning he threw a feast for the players in their honor where he was then stabbed by a man in disguise who cried out, “Death to all the lords!”

Randall Helmen

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