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  • First Session

    Part1, Slavers: The adventurers found themselves in a tavern (cliche I know), and all described what they were doing in the port city of Formene. While they were talking and meeting people the lord of Formene, Helmen, walked in and offered everyone a …

  • The Lords of Gafeld

    The Lords of Gafeld are ruled by their [[:king-bershio | King, Bershio]]. One lord is [[:randall-helmen | Helmen]] of Formene.

  • Formene

    The port city of Formene is a rather large city in the land of [[Gafeld | Gafeld]], ruled by a [[The Lords of Gafeld | Lord of Gafeld]], [[:randall-helmen | Lord Helmen]]. Slavers led by Captain Thane tricked Helmen into allowing them into his city …

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