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First Session

Slavers and an Abandoned Castle

Part1, Slavers:
The adventurers found themselves in a tavern (cliche I know), and all described what they were doing in the port city of Formene. While they were talking and meeting people the lord of Formene, Helmen, walked in and offered everyone a round of drinks as he was feeling merry, and they all accepted for fear of refusing the lord of the land. About ten minutes after Helmen left they one by one started to fall unconscious. When they woke up they found themselves in the bottom of a ship, chained to the walls and locked in by a metal door. The noble of the group ended up making a solid persuasion check and convinced the guard to free them as he would be made a rich man as reward. The guard hastily freed the travelers and they decided to work together to escape the ship. Unfortunately all their possessions had been confiscated. They were able to find their weapons and armor stowed in a navigation room and fought their way to the captain of the Stormcutter, Thane. After they made quick work of him, his right hand elf, and his trusty dog they grabbed the rest of their possessions and intimidated the navigator to steer them back towards the shore. After arriving they met with Helmen and showed him that these slavers had tricked the lord into allowing them to roam freely in his city and sell travelers into slavery. Helmen had thought they were just committing minor offenses in exchange for the protection they provided.

Part 2, The cult:
After losing the protection of the slavers the lord offered a quest to the adventurers. Surely if they had escaped a ship full of slavers they could take on the problem plaguing the city. Nearby an abandoned castle had been causing trouble in the city through disappearances and the death of many of Helmen’s city guard. Helmen didn’t know what was causing this, he just knew an evil came from that abandoned castle. The adventurers traveled out of town to the nearby forest and came across a half-orc fighting a dire wolf. After helping him fight it and seeing his prowess in battle they decided to offer him an invitation to join their group and get a cut of the reward for ridding the castle of evil. He agreed and they moved forward. After entering the castle carefully they came across many undead. The castle had turned into a ruin and had very little valuables left outside of a magical glass sphere the party came across. They ended up finding out that the sphere would light up the area when someone speaks the Elven word for light. After ridding the castle of many undead they traveled to the basement as the paladin had sensed a great evil from that direction. As they traveled down they saw a cultist wearing a black and red robe with a symbol of a bloodied hand on the back. The cultist was chanting in demonic around a pentagram. The rogue and barbarian of the group sneaked up to the cultist in the darkness and the rogue ended up one-shotting the cultist with an arrow through the head. Unfortunately the blood of the cultist seemed to cause something evil to happen. The cultist stood back up with red eyes and a demonic imp appeared above the pentagram. After the party dealt with the evil beings they decided to wrap up the imp in cloths and take him with them as proof of the evil cleansed from the castle.

Part 3, The Feast:
After returning to the lord’s keep and bearing the good news that the castle had been cleared Helmen, after paying them a great reward, decided to throw a banquet in their honor that very night. Unfortunately while the group of adventurers was having a grand time with the Lord and his friends and family a man disguised as a server pulled out a dagger and stabbed Helmen in the neck.


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